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I love it....perfect size....just perfect in every way I love it

Ricky Gardner


Hey im RickyGardner i sent you guys and Email to make this pendent Even told you not to add the rose gold and how i wanted it to look i wasent able to get the pendent made due to finacial issues that came up....But dayyum gonna Jack my idea atleast send your boy atleast one of them in return..I have the emails to prove it..Plz hook me up guys
Shipped in about a week, was excited to get it. Came with 2 free chains (silver and black). Sots on the chest really well and the stones definitely dance when the light hits
Excelente calidad
Excelente calidad termine llevando 2
Copped for wife's bday. Looks amazing, she loves it!
Got this ages again forgot to leave review but love i can with my other pendant black panther pendant fast delivery too.
Im in love with this pendant its very heavy and extreamly well made. Very happy with my purchase will definitely be buying again from this company.