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Nice size and weight to it. Good shine factor on the metal and gems.

Glory to God


One of my favorites from this website. Bought one for me and my son and he loved it as well
Cute product.. my daughter loved it
Love it looks as in pic.Will be wearing it on holiday in a few weeks. Came fast.
The concept was in the right place but it came out very small. Too small for the pic to even be noticeable while worn. Hopefully you can come with a 2.33" diameter size like your large CZ pendant, in the future



Honestly was not expecting this to ship can't lie. I was searching through google images and could only find chains that are either completely studded in rhinestones, or were made when Soul Eater first came out and don't exist anymore. Then I find this site which I've never heard of. But the payment is through paypal so I gave it a shot and would return it didn't ship or come out well. But this shiz is pretty nice
It’s beautiful and can be used in multiple ways. Loved it.
As advertised, almost looks like genuine gold not stainless steel
Bought this with my husband's initial to wear on our 20 year wedding anniversary vacation. I always say he's my king, and wearing this to spruce up my beach look was fun. It held up in the sun, ocean water and the pool. Love, love, love it!
Made well for the price. It hasn't turned or broken.